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HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors
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Aniara offers a full line of coagulation reagents, and deficient plasmas, for assays using the clotting technology. This line is expanding, and new products are continuously being introduced. We specially propose clotting assays for cofactors (such as Factor VII+X), designed with highly purified factors. The HEMOCLOT line of assays is being developed with reference to the present understanding of mechanisms, which regulate coagulation, and take advantage of the most recent technological advances for preparing the active principles required for manufacturing these kits. Therefore, proteins and enzymes used in these assays are highly purified, offer a high stability following reconstitution of the freeze-dried reagents, and allow obtaining an optimized reactivity. This actualized approach ensures excellent performances of the assays, and a good reproducibility from series to series, and from lot to lot. The HEMOCLOT line of assays can be used in manual methods, or with semi-automatic instruments or automates such as STA, STA-R, BCS, BCT, Sysmex, ACL; etc.

HEMOCLOT Clotting Assays